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AFSAC Online

Supporting Worldwide Partnerships
AFSAC Online offers a range of business applications providing customers with visibility into their country programs.


PROS provides procurement and maintenance support for a wide range of nonstandard and difficult-to-support standard items and is also a contracting vehicle for specialized technical services through task orders.

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World Wide Warehouse Redistribution Services (WWRS) accepts materiel back on behalf of the US Government in order to fill other FMS requisitions.

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The LOR Automation Tool was developed to reduce the process time from an LOR to a Letter of Acceptance (LOA), Price and Availability (P&A), or an Amendment or Modification to an existing LOA.

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The AFSAC Metrics tool automates the production of regularly produced metrics and provides quick access to data.

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Logistics applications provide detailed insight into the requisitioning process.

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SDR tools are used to report shipping (or packaging) discrepancies attributed to the responsibility of the shipper, and provide appropriate responses and resolution.

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The AFSAC Online financial applications provide enhanced visibility into cases' financial data.

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Tech Orders

The Technical Order (TO) applications provide information about active and available AF TOs, Time Compliant TOs (TCTOs), Country Standard TOs, and M-Symbol TOs.

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The CPIN applications provide information about active and available CPINs.

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"Advancing national security by building global partnerships."

Foreign Liaison Office Information

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U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Russ Scalf

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